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Oftentimes we send private, sensitive information to our friends, family, and significant other on social media and just forget about it. It’s only when these messages come back biting us in the ass—thanks to hackers, vengeful exes, and the like—do we regret not deleting them sooner. Luckily, for WhatsApp users, there’s a new Disappearing Messages feature available.

Disappearing Messages is WhatsApp’s latest feature, which when enabled will automatically remove all messages from your conversation with another person after seven days. Naturally, you’ll need to update WhatsApp to get this new feature, after which you simply follow the steps below to enable it.

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How to enable Disappearing Messages in WhatsApp  

Step 1: In WhatsApp, find and tap the chat or conversation you want to have the Disappearing Messages enabled.

Step 2: Tap the name of the chat.

Step 3: Tap Disappearing Messages, and select ‘ON.’

You’ll need to do these steps for every conversation where you’ll want messages to automatically disappear. Note that the feature has limitations, so you can’t solely rely on it for your security and privacy needs.  For further information, read WhatsApp’s overview page on Disappearing Messages.

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