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Got some goofy or slightly embarrassing photos you want to share via social networks but only for a limited time? The Phantom app for iPhone and Android lets you do just that.

With the Phantom app, you hold complete control over the photo that you wish to share on sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can set:

  • The number of instances and length (in seconds) that someone can view your photo
  • How many people can access the photo
  • How long the photo lasts on Phantom’s server

Once the parameters above have been met, users can no longer access the data. And once the photo reaches past its expiration date, it will also be deleted from the server.

Phantom also believes that any photos stored in its server won’t be leaked out over the Internet. As part of its efforts to help you have complete control on privacy, any users caught taking a screenshot of your photo will be banned from future media viewing.

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The app would then seem like an opportunity for some folks to share their naughty pics. Developers of Phantom have, however, stated that posting illegal and/or sexually explicit images is prohibited and warrants a ban from future posting.

[Download Phantom app: iPhone, Android]

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