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This is one of those Globe text advisories that you shouldn’t disregard. Last November 23, the telco sent out an advisory to its subscribers about the 8888 Complaint Hotline.

Launched together with the Office of the President in the Philippines, the Globe 8888 Citizen Hotline works as the name suggests. It’s basically an easier way for you to report a complaint involving a government agency or ask for any help on a particular government agency

How to send a complaint in 8888 hotline

Sending a complaint is fairly easy. Go to your text messages and type in the following: C/Name(optional)/The government agency involved/Complete details of the complaint.

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How to ask for help using the 8888 hotline

This hotline can also help Filipinos in need. As per Globe, they can use the hotline to request financial assistance, livelihood, housing, employment, education, and more on a concerned agency.

The process is the same. Go to your texts and type the following: C/Name/The kind of help you need/Government agency you want to ask for help with.

Is texting 8888 hotline free of charge?

Yes. Globe subscribers can text the 8888 hotline completely free.

Globe notes that the message should be not less than 200 words for it to be processed. The company also assures that any information sent to the 8888 hotline will be in accordance with the Data Privacy Act. Which basically means that everything will be strictly confidential.

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