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GCash and Coins.ph are two of the most popular e-wallet services in the Philippines. But what if you have two of them and you want to move money around? Is it possible? Yes, and we’re here to teach you how.

As you know, GCash is essentially a household name by now, especially during the recent health crisis. Forced to do transactions online, GCash has been the people’s go-to to pay for bills, transfer money, make online purchases, and more.


Over the years, GCash grew rapidly. In fact, other than storing your money and paying for things, the company is now offering insurance services, loans, rewards points, and even helping save the planet by planting trees.

On the other hand, Coins.ph may be less popular, but everyone who is into crypto trading has surely heard of them. As you know, while everyone was stuck at home, crypto buying and selling were on a boom in the past year, and Coins.ph has a fleet of features to cater to the people in that field.


Chances are, you have accounts on both services and you have to move your funds around. The question is, how can you transfer money from GCash to Coins.ph and vice versa? Here’s our guide to help you out.

How to transfer money from GCash to Coins.ph

Step 1: Open the GCash app and tap “Send Money”.


Step 2: Tap “Bank Transfer”.


Step 3: Tap “View All” and look for “Coins.ph (DCPay)”.


Step 4: Key in the amount you want to transfer, the recipient’s account name, account number (mobile number), and an email address if you want a copy of the receipt (this is optional). Once completely filled out, tap “Send Money”.


Step 5: Confirm that all the details are correct. Once clear, tap “Confirm” on the top left. You shall receive a text confirmation that the transfer was successful.


How to transfer money from Coins.ph to GCash

Step 1: Open the Coins.ph app and tap “Cash out”.


Step 2: In the E-wallets category, tap the “GCash” icon.


Step 3: Type the amount you want to transfer. Then, pick the service that will handle your transfer. There’s InstaPay fir instant transfer that costs Php10. On the other hand, PESONet is free but the money won’t be transferred until the next day. Albeit, in our experience, it actually only takes a couple of hours.

Click “Next”.


Step 4: Type in the recipient’s name, GCash mobile number, and recipient’s mobile number. If you tap “Send to myself” the account name and recipient’s mobile number will be automatically filled out. Once complete, tap “Next”.


Step 5: Confirm that all the details are correct. Once clear, “Slide to pay”. Type the verification code sent to you via email to complete the transaction.


Is there a fee when transfering from GCash to Coins.ph and vice versa?

There’s a Php15 convenience fee when you transfer money from GCash to Coins.ph.

Meanwhile, the fee when transferring money from Coins.ph to GCash depends on the service provider you pick. Choosing PESONet is completely free, but it won’t transfer until the next day. Going with InstaPay instantly sends the money, but comes with a Php10 service charge.

Is there a minimum amount when transferring GCash to Coins.ph and vice versa?

There’s no minimum amount when sending money from GCash to Coins.ph, but be aware of that Php15 service charge.

However, sending money from Coins.ph to GCash has a minimum amount of Php50.

I didn’t receive my money when I transfer from GCash to Coins.ph (or vice versa)

System delays are sometimes normal in services like these. Being reputable brands, you should get a refund if your funds fail to transfer. But if you don’t get one, you can reach GCash’s or Coins.ph’s respective customer service.

I can’t find ‘Bank Transfer’ in GCash

If the Bank Transfer feature is not available on your GCash app, chances are, your account is not fully verified. The process of varying a GCash account is now much easier. Before starting the verification process, make sure you have your valid ID with you. The process also involves taking your picture, so make sure you’re in a well-lit room.

You shall receive a text confirmation that your account is verified. After which, the Bank Transfer and other important features will now be available on your GCash account.

I can’t find ‘Cash Out’ on Coins.ph

Like in GCash, advanced features like cashing out will not be available unless your account is verified. The Coins.ph verification process and requirements are similar to GCash. It will ask for your valid ID and a selfie, and you should be good.

Basically, that’s it, let us know if you have further questions in the comments below. We or someone from the community will try to answer it.

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