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The old Google icons are classics. One look at them and you’d know what service they’re for: Gmail, Drive, Docs, etc. The new icons, however, are a different story.

Google‘s recent rebrand for a uniform, streamlined design across its multiple services only led to confusion and dislike. Fortunately, there are ways to get back the old logos. Here’s one.

Use a Google Chrome extension

If you’re using Google Chrome as your regular desktop browser, check out Claudio Postinghel’s Chrome extension called “Restore old Google icons.”


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As the name suggests, its purpose is to solely restore the old icons for Meet, Calendar, Gmail, and the rest of Google’s services just so you can tell each other apart, especially when you have multiple tabs open and only the icons are displayed on each tab. 

To install, just visit the link above, click on Add to Chrome, and click Add Extension when a confirmation dialog box pops up. Despite the simple functionality, the extension has been well-received by users due to the increased accessibility. 

Note that this extension should work on Microsoft Edge, too, since both Edge and Chrome are built on the same Chromium platform. A Mozilla Firefox add-on is also in the works.

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