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GCash is easily one of the biggest, if not the biggest, e-wallet services in the country. Being on the top means a couple of advantages for its customers, including accessible customer service.

As a tech-centered company, there are a couple of ways to reach GCash customer service and submit a ticket to get help with issues on the platform. Today, we’ll be showing you the most convenient way to reach a GCash customer representative.


The best way to contact GCash support for your concerns is by submitting a ticket. While it may not be the fastest, it’s still more convenient than waiting for someone to pick up the phone during hotline calls or talking to bots when messaging via social media platforms.

Also, it looks like GCash’s customer service is more active in responding on this method, and it looks like their hotline is pretty much dead, so it’s better to reach them this way.


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We’ve personally experienced the service when we had concerns a few months back, and I can say the experience was pretty satisfactory. Just don’t expect a snap response and action like what you’d get from phone calls. That said, let’s start.

How to submit a ticket to GCash customer service

Step 1: Open the GCash app and go to “Profile” via the button on the bottom right corner.


Step 2: Tap “Help”.


Step 3: Tap “Submit a ticket”.


Step 4: Type in your email address, full name, GCash registered number ,as well as the category of the concern and the concern itself. You can also attach screenshots to make things easier.

Now, all you have to wait until a representative sends you a reply via the app or email, which may take a couple of hours if not minutes.


How to follow-up my GCash support ticket?

You can follow-up on your ticket by going back to the Help Center section of the GCash app.

That’s it. Let us know your experiences with GCash customer service by sharing them in the comment section below.

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