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Out of the most popular genre of video games in this generation, battle royale is probably second—if not on top—of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). 

There’s just something appealing about having a hundred players dropped in an open world and surviving until you’re the only player left. 

Compared to MOBA games such as the hit Mobile Legends: Bang Bang where you are placed in a team consisting of 4 other players where teamwork really is a must to win, battle royale games give you more freedom to survive alone, or with your friends. However, it isn’t necessary for a player to complete a team of 5 to feel the thrill. 

What follows is a list of battle royale titles readily available on your mobile phone. The features may differ, but the goal is the same: outlast all other players until you get that ‘winner, winner chicken dinner’.

#1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile)


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Kick starting the list with what is perhaps the most popular of all the battle royale games—PUBG. It is also the classic battle ground which inspired other, more fictional settings. 

It started as a PC game, but now it is available on the smartphone allowing a more compact way of accessing the game. This is actually a huge advantage, especially for those who cannot install it on their computers. Despite notable changes such as the controls and interior design of buildings, it pretty much has the same vibe overall. 

What is great about PUBG Mobile is how simplistic the graphics are, yet the gameplay sent a shockwave of successors which made this video game genre so well known around the world. The fact that it found its way to mobile strengthens its possibility of gathering more players who are usually more active when it comes to using smartphones as a medium for gaming. 

#2. Garena Free Fire: Rampage


One of the popular gaming companies, Garena, also released a battle royale game for both Android and iOS. While its initial release date was way back year 2017—as the battle royale genre reached popularity with different titles available for download—Free Fire started to rise in the year 2019. 

A lot of players tried their hand on Garena’s battle royale that it was even awarded the “Best Popular Vote” by Google Play Store in 2019. It was also said to be safer in terms of privacy compared to how other critics attributes above-mentioned battle royale games (PUBG, ROS etc.).

As the second most installed battle royale game on mobile, Free Fire goes above Fortnite’s ranking, but still stays behind PUBG.

#3. Rules of Survival (ROS)


Back when PUBG coming to mobile was just a rumor, a similar game called Rules of Survival was already dominating the App store and Google Play Store. 

Developed by NetEase, Rules of Survival became the ‘coping mechanism’ for players who do not have access to the famous PUBG on PC. Initially released on November 15, 2017, the game immediately received attention—even more so that it’s free-to-play. By October the next year, about 230 millions players worldwide has joined the community. 

Its popularity originating from the mobile platform reached PC with the game becoming available for download on Steam by May 2018. You can say that it was the reverse of PUBG where it first flourished as a PC game before coming to mobile. Rules of Survival definitely took smartphone users by storm, especially when it was released near the holidays when almost everybody has time to play. 

#4. Call of Duty: Mobile (CoD: Mobile)


For those of us who grew up with first-person shooter (fps) games, Call of Duty is a familiar title. Almost all popular video games are coming to mobile these days, so it’s no surprise when CoD mobile arrived.

That’s right: Call of Duty: Mobile also offers a battle royale mode along with its groundbreaking graphics and unique features. Unlike the first two battle royale games—ROS and PUBG—Call of Duty mobile’s battle royale mode allows players to choose different skills which could bring competitive advantage when used properly.

Such skills include the scout (which allows players to shoot out a dart which will scan the area for enemies along its radius), the mechanic (which will send a drone to seek out nearby enemy and glitches their screen to momentarily disrupt the map), the ninja (which allows the player to shoot out a grappling hook to propel the player where it latched on), and so much more. 

Call of Duty: Mobile is not only limited to battle royale mode, but also offers deathmatch and even a zombie survival gameplay. Truly, a testament to how Call of Duty is not only flexible to have arrived in the palm of our hands (that is, through smartphone), but as to innovative the game’s developers could get by providing not only a battle royale mode, but as well as a variety of options in one title. 

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#5. Fortnite


Yes, that’s right: one of the most popular, rather-fictional battle royale is also playable via mobile. And guess what? It’s also free-to-play.

Developed by Epic Games and released also on the year 2017, Fortnite became one of the most anticipated games to get a mobile version. However, not all phones are compatible for the game to be installed on. Unfortunately, plenty of Android users currently can’t play it due to limited availability and support. only a selected phones are compatible for Fortnite. 

The game mixes the elements of a battle royale with that of crafting which means players could build a ‘fortress’ to defend themselves against enemy players. Once players have landed, they automatically possess an axe which they could use to ‘strike’ structures and gather materials for building their fort. 

The game is a companion to Fortnite: Save the World—a co-op hybrid-third-person shooter tower defence survival game. The latter is currently not yet available on mobile platforms.

#6. Cyber Hunter


Also developed by NetEase, Cyber Hunter is exactly what the title suggests: a battle royale set in a futuristic ‘map’ where features are ‘high-technology’, so to speak. 

Just like Call of Duty: Mobile with its different class selection to achieve different skills, Cyber Hunter has an entirely unique feature which makes it different from other battle royale titles. 

One feature is the use of the so-called quantum cubes you pick up in-game in order summon various assistance like your own motorcycle, a shield wall, or even a medical field (your HP regenerates while you are inside its circle)—all on-the-spot as long as you have enough quantum cubes. There is also a roll action to dodge bullets, as well as a glide system (similar to Fortnite). 

There is also a freedom to customise your character which I think is a bonus point considering how most battle royale games just give players an option to choose their gender: boy or girl. Cyber Hunter offers an actual detailed customisation from hair style, to eye color, to so much more possibilities. 

Battle royale games are truly addicting with its own charm of virtual survival instincts as well as the right adrenaline rush to keep you playing all night if you insist. For those who already found FPS games such as Counter Strike something exhilarating, why not try your ‘shooting skills’ against 99 other ‘survivors’?

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to stand above the rest? It’s time to put your FPS, strategy, and survival skills to test by trying your hand on one of these battle royale games. 

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