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Entry-level Android smartphones launching in 2022 will be running the recently released Go edition of Android 12, according to an official Google blog post.

The latest iteration of Go is bringing new features, the most significant of which are the faster app launches, better battery life, and easier app sharing.

Through the new SplashScreen API, Google is providing app developers with a new, smoother way to launch apps. That means less staring at a blank screen while waiting for the app to load. Apps may launch up to 30 percent faster.

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As for battery life, Android 12 (Go edition) will be placing into hibernation the apps that haven’t been used for a long time. In such state, they can no longer run in the background or create notifications, which means less battery power consumption.

To save data, Android 12 (Go edition) adds app sharing via Nearby Share and Google Play. Phones no longer need to download an app if other nearby phones already have it ready for sharing.

In the same blog post, Google also announced there are now over 200 million active Android (Go edition) phones worldwide.

Source: Google

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