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Flash, Adobe’s popular web browser plugin, is finally through as the company behind its creation is officially pulling the plug from it. Although the technology itself will not be technically dead until January 12, 2021, many web browsers as well as the Windows operating system are already closing their doors to the app indefinitely.

Adobe Flash’s imminent demise has been an ongoing topic for many years, beginning around 2010 when Apple has taken the step to move away from Flash.

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Even Adobe itself has slowly been promoting the transition from Flash when it began asking developers to move onto HTML5 around 2015, until subsequently putting out word of the company’s plan to terminate support for Flash in 2017.

That day has indeed finally come—December 31, 2020, to be exact.

Not all is lost for this now obsolete technology, however, as it becomes a part of the Internet Archive, essentially as a “historical artifact” of the internet.

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