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Over the past few years, users across social media platforms use Giphy to get GIFs. However, when Facebook announced that it acquired the company and its usage, it has raised security and privacy issues among its users.

Many people are searching for the best GIF sources right now. So to make the task easier, we will be giving you the best Giphy alternatives that you can use.



It may not have the same reach as Giphy, but Tenor is now one of the largest GIF sources across social media platforms this 2020. Luckily, any user can access it any device via the website, through iMessage / iOS keyboard, and latest Android devices have integrated it on their smartphones recently. It is owned and operated by Google, so users can be assured of its security.


GIF Wrapped


Owned by one of the largest tech software companies in the USA, GIFWrapped utilizes Dropbox and iCloud for saving & storage of your favorite GIFs. This means you can access it across devices but Apple users can get it instantly on their iMessage. It can be downloaded for free in the App Store.



If you wish to embed and upload GIFs on your social media platforms, Gfycat is the best competitor of Giphy. It is currently integrated with the iMessage of iOS users while downloading its Android version lets you create gifs instantly. Once you create your GIF, you will be able to track the analytics of users who will be accessing online.




As an online community dedicated to sharing images and other media, Imgur has a wide collection of images that comes from viral videos or photos posted in Reddit, Twitter, and even on Facebook. Its creators transform videos into fancy GIFs where you can access it for free without any costs. In addition, GIFs are categorized in “Highest Scoring”, ‘Most Viral”, or “User Generated”.




Known as of the best editing platform for GIFs, Ezgif allows any user to add a text to an existing image then format it through blurring and resizing as it becomes another GIF. You can arrange your GIF and edit every single image before it gets uploaded in its platform so other users can use it on their next post.



Specially made for Android uses, ImgPly has one of the best GIF selections where you can select photos and create a slideshow-like GIF easily. Before posting, you will be given the option to apply effects easily to add a fresh element on your next post.


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